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        Ningbo Hongji Precision Casting Co., Ltd.
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        Situation Analysis precision casting industry
        Casting is one of the main methods to obtain rough machinery, the machinery industry, an important basic technology, occupies an important position in the national economy. The status quo of China's foundry industry is production, with an annual output of about 36.5 million tons of castings, plants and more, up to more than 20,000 employees in the foundry industry more than 120 million people. A major feature of China's foundry industry since the reform and opening up the rapid development of township enterprises has become an important force in China's foundry industry. Township foundry points more than the state-owned foundry points, accounting for about half of the country's total casting foundry casting production township points.
             The current development of the world's industrialized countries casting technology summed up roughly four objectives, namely: ① protect the environment, reduce and eventually eliminate the pollution; ② improve the quality and reliability of castings, production of high quality near-net shape casting; ③ reduce production costs; ④ shorten delivery time.  China's foundry industry, in addition to plant many points, employing more than yield, compared with developed countries, such as in terms of quality, efficiency, energy and material consumption, labor conditions and environmental protection, there is a gap. The reasons for these disparities are small-scale foundry point, economic strength is poor, backward technology and equipment, low management level, the quality of employees is not high. In order to eliminate these gaps, in order to meet the needs of China's economic construction, but also for the foundry industry's own existence and development, China's foundry industry should improve casting quality and economic efficiency, both for the domestic and international markets; strengthen management, fight good basis to improve their quality; the adjustment of industrial structure, the rational allocation of resources, promote moderate scale; continue to apply advanced production technology and technical equipment renovation foundry industry to achieve cleaner production, to ensure sustainable development. 
             A benefit is the basis for the development of the foundation is to benefit the development of enterprises, the development is to achieve higher efficiency. China should have a high efficiency of the foundry industry. No effective enterprise is difficult even to survive, let alone develop. In order to improve efficiency, from the following several aspects: ① staff efficiency and energy saving. ② realize specialized production. ③ The new technology, scientific management.
             2 Quality is the life quality and efficiency sometimes seemingly contradictory, but they are unified. Poor product quality, after all, is not based on business, let alone effective, sustainable development is impossible. Improve product quality required from the following aspects: ① reasonable to buy raw materials, the right to develop and strictly enforce the technical rules. ② the introduction of new technologies, new processes, new equipment, new materials.  a. Study computer technology in foundry applications strengthened.  b. With high hardness and high uniformity of the mold, the development and promotion of appropriate technology and equipment in sand casting. c. the development of near net shape casting and net shape forming new technology. d. the development of liquid metal processing and purification of new technology and new technology, optimize material properties. e. the development of mechanization and automation in order to ensure the stability of the casting quality, uniformity and improve working conditions. f. to strengthen the research and application of environmental protection equipment Foundry. ③ has a stable of high-quality team of employees.
            3 to achieve cleaner production cleaner production is a basic requirement for sustainable development. Clean production of meaning: to achieve the lowest possible resources (raw materials) and energy consumption; to achieve a pleasant environment of the production and minimum or zero emissions; production of cleaning products (energy, fewer supplies, easy regeneration complex use and ergonomic requirements). Clean production casting, mainly the application of new technologies, new processes, new materials, new equipment in order to achieve low consumption, low pollution or pollution and casting a pleasant environment, etc.

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